Our Cake Tasting Tea

The Little Cake Garden Wedding Cake Taster Tea!

Quaint. Cute. Classy.

Just some of the words I think of when I think of an afternoon tea.

And ever the hopeless, (hopeful, insanely hopeful) romantic, I couldn’t think of a better way to host a wedding cake tasting, than to do it in an afternoon tea setting. Swooon!

After the excitement (or monotony) of wedding dress shopping, Pinterest pinning, venue scouring, guest list editing, one of the best things you get to do as part of the bridal couple is try some cake – and try some cake you must!

I rarely come across a couple who aren’t excited to get to this part of the wedding planning process – for obvious reasons.

Aside from choosing the flavours, perhaps having to decide the colour scheme and showing the cake designer some ideas you have in mind, the cake tasting is (or should be) a chance for you to just sit back whilst the cake designer brings all these elements to life for you in one multi-sensory sitting.

When we were choosing our cake, I had visions of what I had just described; we would walk into a lovely little cake studio, with wafts of cocoa, lemon zest & cream cheese frosting floating by.

A fairy like creature would sketch us up a wedding cake which would look and taste like our love (I grew up on Disney – forgive me) and the whole experience would just be whimsical.

As you’ve probably guessed, it didn’t quite go that way. We were ushered to a cluttered office space, where they were just microwaving our frozen slices which had not been taken out to thaw since they had forgotten we were coming! Our red velvet option wasn’t there and we left feeling very much an afterthought! Bubble burst!

Though probably the biggest reason, this isn’t the only reason that the Little Cake Garden chooses to do our tastings as an afternoon tea – we genuinely think that our bridal couples should enjoy the cake designing and tasting process as much as we do and have a lovely time whilst doing it – and who doesn’t love afternoon tea?

So, come along to our next taster tea, 27th November (booking is essential – link below). Our tastings are complimentary and carry no obligation to book! Whilst you won’t be met by a fairy like creature, you will get to enjoy tea and freshly baked cake in a lovely hotel!

Hope to see you there!

Jasmine x


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