Colour schemes – get them wrong and the whole wedding goes to pot. They set the tone for every wedding.

If you’re a meticulous bride, they will feature in every important part of the wedding day – the bridesmaids’ dresses, the invitations, the menu, the seating plan, and, of course, the cake!

It simply won’t do to be just “pink”: no, it’s dusky pink; it is sage green; it is carys yellow. (Thank you, Dulux, for the thousand shades of every colour imaginable!)

Even before the brides flurry through the doors on our Taster days, I know I’m going to hear a fantastic combination of colours in all their variants.

My husband and I are genuinely excited to hear all these colour combinations before creating the moodboards for them thereafter.

But every now and then during the consultation part of our Taster, a situation like this arises:

“Do you have a colour scheme for your wedding?” I ask joyfully and expectantly. “Yes!” exclaims a gleeful bride. “We are having, gold, cream and coral!”

At that point, I (very professionally) keep my smile plastered on my face as I jot the colour scheme down, but, inwardly, I am already having palpitations. Why? Because I am convinced that nobody knows what colour coral actually is!

“It’s orangey-pink.” “It’s like a pinky-orange.” “It’s dark peach with a hint of pink!”

And then come the swatches or the emails with photos of the bridesmaids’ dresses, which only serve to deepen the conundrum, because it’s not just me who seems not to be perplexed by this fiery colour.

When it comes to finding that specific coral that any particular bride desires, we, the vendors, do our level best to be consistent with that coral, so as not to provide something “orangey-pink”, when the rest of the wedding is in fact “pinky-orange”.

Onwards the meandering trail of photos and samples, desperately trying to achieve that coral.

For me, the produce-it- from-scratch-artisan, this involves mixing many colour pastes – with a hint of this, a hint of that, more yellow, now pink, now orange – before finally achieving that right shade that is just the right blend of pink, orange, yellow and red.

Each time I've implemented coral on a cake, it comes out completely differently to one I've done before. But maybe that's the beauty of coral: it can be expressed so differently, yet so beautifully.

Here are a few of our coral featuring creations. We look forward to creating many more!

Jasmine x