Wedding on the Water

Brides get a bit of a bad rep these days. If they’re not being called ‘Bridezilla’s’, there are at least (on Instagram), ten memes a day depicting how emotional and stressed out brides are in the run-up to their wedding day.

This makes for good laughs and maybe that’s how it is in the films; but I must have been blessed with particularly lovely brides, and none more so than Cassie!

Cassie first contacted me, with a mere seven weeks to go before her wedding date, having come across us at a venue Open Day.

As I’m sure you know by now, the crazed romantic that I am, I could not wait to hear about Cassie and James’ wedding plans and, Oh! did she indulge me.

A born and bred East Londoner, Cassie was keen to retain the traditional elements of an English wedding, whilst putting a modern spin on things.

The wedding reception for James and Cassie was to be held at The Docklands’ Sailing and Watersports Centre, neatly perched on Millwall Dock. A venue chosen as a nod to her husband-to-be, a previous nautical school student.

With a cool colour palette of white, baby blue and silver, and an instruction not to include ribbon in the cake design, I tried to draw carefully on those elements which were important to Cassie and James during the design process.

When I asked Cassie why they had opted for their colour palette, she explained that they had gone for a baby blue as it matched James’ eye colour. (I did all I could not to melt.) And silver as it goes so nicely with white and blue.

After such a whimsical answer, I thought carefully about how to incorporate blue in to the cake design, with minimal fuss.

Once I took to designing, I decided that the best way to capture the colour (and sparkle) of James' eyes, was to include a lustre blue tier, adding sparkle and contrast against the silver element.

Cassie had been on our website and loved the look of our “White Lace & Promises” cake; a four tier ruffle adorned piece.

As Cassie’s cake was sugar flower-less (shock-horror), I thought it might be nice if we could soften the cake up with a traditional ruffled bottom tier, rather than the paneled ruffles she originally liked.

The silver features of the cake consisted of a “Mr. & Mrs. Rose” topper and a damask stencil design for the second tier. In keeping with the traditional brief, a stencil design meant that the silver addition would be an accent on the cake and the traditional white tiered wedding cake would still prevail!

When it came to the flavours of the cake, James and Cassie took a departure from the traditional fruit cake and went for four tiers of sponge cake. Their tiers consisted of Red Velvet, Salted Caramel and two tiers of Chocolate Fudge Cake (a special treat for the bride, an avid chocolate lover).

To Cassie and James, it has been a true and delightful pleasure working with you. Wishing you a very happy married life.

All the best,

Jasmine x

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