LookBook Launch 2018

A New Year always signifies new beginnings, opportunities and, for some, perhaps a new way of doing things.

In “Wedding Cake Wonderland” (where I happily live), a couple of things are always guaranteed:

  1. A flurry of enquiries after all the Christmas marriage proposals, and

  2. Instagram will be awash with all the shiny, glitzy, beautiful New Year collections of cake designs from cake makers the world over.

As a cake designer, I’m full of excitement. Which trends will be carrying over? What will be the new thing (there is always a “thing”) to try on a cake this year? What will the brides and the blogs be buzzing about?

The New Year is a great time to get to work on new designs. The very beginning of the year generally is not super busy with wedding orders and there is time to just think and dream and create.

In this thinking and creating time, Rob and I were wondering what we could do to showcase some of our new designs. I love Instagram, so of course the designs were always going to end up on our feed; but we were dreaming of a “live 360” experience for cakes. If you will, something that would be multi-sensory.

You don’t have to look too far online before you come across all the fashion houses and their seasonal LookBooks. Letting all of us know what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not. We could do the same.

Not content with leaving our inspiration from the fashion industry there, I thought about introducing our cakes in much the same way a fashion house might display their new designs – a fashion show!

So the idea was birthed: We were going to host a launch event for our 2018 LookBook!

In February, we met with the lovely Shaileeni from Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge. Hilton were keen to raise their profile as a wedding venue, and we together discussed and agreed that our LookBook Launch would be the perfect opportunity to also showcase the Hilton in all its splendour.

The Hilton Hotel Tower Bridge boasts a grand foyer, which we chose to be the centre point for the night. The foyer has huge floor to ceiling windows, meaning that the Tower of London, the Shard and other London skyline gems would be our backdrop.

In keeping with our fashion theme, it was an absolute MUST to have the cake version of a runway. Whilst our cakes can’t sashay down a catwalk as fiercely as Jourdan Dunn, we made sure they made their mark by displaying them on individual white plinths so that they could be admired throughout the evening.

And the true pièce de résistance was the buttercream dessert table which was placed in the middle of “the runway”.

Our treats sat atop a mirrored table-top on a beautiful silver tablecloth from Event Décor Hire. We didn’t have a particular colour scheme for the night, but we did want to let the desserts speak for themselves. So we chose glass and acrylic display stands with stunning gold serving ware from Zara Home.

We have a great, engaged Instagram community, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to share our Launch night with. We invited other wedding industry vendors to introduce them to the Hilton Hotel and our LookBook.

On arrival to the Tower Foyer, our guests were treated to a wonderful selection of canapes and drinks by the Hilton as they browsed our cake runway. It was lovely to hear them pointing out their favourite cakes and identifying the cake trends in each design.

Guests were then shown the Tower Suite by Shaileeni who gave a brief address about the Hilton’s excellent capacities as wedding and occasion venue. The Tower Suite, which seats 270 guests for a dinner and dance reception, was dressed sensationally by the talented team from Event Décor Hire. We worked with them on a wedding last year and knew that once they’d worked their magic, the Tower Suite would come alive – and come alive it did!

Once I’d given some brief information about us as a company and why we had decided to have such an evening, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for – CAKE! And macarons! And lustred iced cookies!

We opened the dessert table by asking for volunteers to cut the cakes. Everyone was concerned about making a mess of it – except Chenai from By Chenai – who impressed us all with her master cake cutting skills. She divided up that Red Velvet cake like a true pro! And from then on, it was a sugar rush all the way through till the end of a lovely evening.

Thanks so much, All, who joined in to make this such a warm and lovely evening! See you next year!

Jasmine xx

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